Cornelia Pop


Cornelia Pop

Cornelia grew up in Turin since 2003 after moving from Romania with her parents and six siblings. After completing her Master’s degree in Business Management at the University of Turin, she moved to Milan in 2015 to start her career in management consulting at one of the Big4 firms. Her role involves supporting companies in HR transformation, introducing Cloud HCM solutions, and redefining new ways of working within HR functions. Throughout this journey, a strong passion for creating connections ignited within her, leading  to co-found the first Italian HR leaders’ community within her company.

In November 2018, Cornelia moved to the United States with her husband and their three-month-old daughter. Upon arrival, she created the @unamammanewyork page to share pictures of New York and respond to questions from parents visiting or planning to move to the Big Apple.

Her determination to inform and connect people led her in March 2019 to create the Italian Women USA Community. The goal was to connect first-generation Italian women living in the United States and support their personal and professional growth in a new country filled with opportunities but where integration isn’t always easy.

Over the following two years, Cornelia dedicated most of her time to the Community’s growth, organizing events, moderating the Facebook group, and creating a team of volunteers that has been managing the Community since 2020. After a two-year career break, Cornelia resumed her HR consulting career in New York.

Currently, Cornelia lives in Jersey City with her husband and their daughters Clelia (5 years old) and Emma (3 years old). Within the Community, Cornelia is engaged in defining and revising the strategy while monitoring all initiatives. The voluntary contribution of the members aligns with her commitment to maintaining a collaborative and supportive environment, which are fundamental values for both the Community and herself.

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