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Networking Circle

Digital Marketing

Open to all IWUSAs who already have an active role within the industry.

Eligible to join this Circle are professionals who are involved in: Marketing Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Public Relations, Content Marketing / Video Marketing, Email/Newsletter Marketing, Social Media Community Management E-Commerce Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Book & eBook Marketing, Podcast Marketing

Networking Circle

Real Estate

Open to Licensed Real Estate agents and Residential Loan Officers, with the aim of building a network of professionals in the real estate field in order to exchange knowledge and referrals.

Networking Circle


The circle aims to bring together professionals in the language field (e.g., translators, interpreters, project managers, cultural consultants, agency owners, etc.) and professional profiles who work closely with translators-interpreters-etc. (e.g., profiles working in hospital, legal, and cultural settings, convention organizers, cultural events, etc.).

The Circle is open to professionals at all levels of experience, from beginners or recent graduates with no previous experience to experts, but is not suitable for people providing services in a non-professional capacity.

Networking Circle


This circle unites professionals in the field of mental and physical wellness and nutrition that include: Functional Medicine Practitioner, Functional Nutrition Coach, Naturopata, Nutrizionista, Dietologa (RD), Osteopata, Posturologa, Culinary Nutrition Specialist and Expert, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach, Breathwork Coach, Meditation Coach, Yoga Instructor, Cromotherapist, Culinary Educator, Gastroenterologa, Dermatologa, Ginecologa, Neurologa, Biologa, Genetista.

Note: professionals who work strictly in Mental Health will be included in an ad hoc Circle in the future.

Networking Circle

Mental Health

Mental Health Networking Circles is open to all those who are actively licensed in the field of mental health in one or more U.S. states. Similarly, the group is open to associates working under the supervision of a/an actively licensed mental health professional in the US. Here are some examples of the professional categories that fall under this group, using English terminology:
Counselors (LCP, LMHC, LCPL)
Marriage and Family Therapists, (LMFT)
Psychologists (Psy.D. and Ph.D.),
Social Workers (LCSW)
Psychiatrists (MD)
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (Psych, NP)
We are aware that the nomenclature of professional titles may vary from state to state. Therefore, please provide accurate information, including:
Full Name, Professional Title for Extended, State of License Issuance, License Number.
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Networking Circle Leads

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Networking Circle

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